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    Oh For Fox Sake Ugly Christmas Sweater

    Oh For Fox Sake Ugly Christmas Sweater

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    Oh For Fox Sake Ugly Christmas Sweater

    My wife and I are also planning to drive the Dalton Highway, the northernmost highway on earth, which runs from Oh For Fox Sake Ugly Christmas Sweater, Alaska to the Arctic Ocean. Again, we plan to do a photo series of the journey. Might even put up an Instagram of the trip. The podcast I started with my wife and my co-author is doing well. We have episodes recorded through February, and we’ve started interviewing a bunch of people. We have some really interesting stuff planned; stay tuned!Now that I have control of the patent for the sensor-equipped strapon I invented, I am already working on a new prototype way more sophisticated than the ones I’ve already built. I have a new Web project in the works, which I’m not quite ready to talk about yet but I’m really excited about.
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    It’s a Oh For Fox Sake Ugly Christmas Sweater kid’s movie that adults can enjoy. The only bad language is done in a cutesy way, with unintelligible sounds, kind of like the adults always talked in Peanuts cartoons. Ralph gets his mouth washed out with soap for it. The only violence is a scene where Ralph, while being picked on by a bully, snaps and fights back. It isn’t overly violent, and it isn’t glorified fighting, it’s just a couple of kids fighting in the snow like kids do. Ralph is crying throughout, so it is not some kind of ‘Aha, the victim has turned the tables with violence!’ I think the only other scene of violence is where Ralph fantasizes that he defends the house from burglars in the backyard with a BB gun. The scene is in black and white and sped up like a funny silent movie, and the burglars wear comical, old timey burglar outfits – striped shirt and black masks, like the Hamburglar. I think Ralphie shoots them in the butt as they try to climb back over the fence to get away.

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    When Delores spent his first night actually out with the other chickens in the Oh For Fox Sake Ugly Christmas Sweater, I was anxious about how he would handle himself, as he was pretty shy. After a few false starts (and getting pushed off perches by the other chickens) he chose a walnut branch that lead to the night perches and slept on that. When Delores became a big, beautiful Golden Phoenix adult rooster, I thought the hens would probably make absolute fools of themselves trying to get his attention – and if he ignored them it would serve them right! I suppose I should have done something about the name – but Delores responded to “Delores” and appeared fine with it. (Also, my Aunt Delores would have been devastated if I changed his name.) A friend suggested calling him “Del” – which sort of made sense – but that sounded like he was lead singer in a retro 60’s band. As long as Delores didn’t mind – and let’s face it, he didn’t care – I was perfectly content to have a sweet rooster named Delores.
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    All those things are not unique for the Oh For Fox Sake Ugly Christmas Sweater, but combined they make it very important. Ask questions in different categories (themes, characteristics, etc) and request respondents to take these questions per category or in a randomized order.Perform calculations on scores per question, category, and/or for the whole assessment. For instance, you can add a score to each answer which allows you to give very granular feedback. Show variable outcomes depending on the score. For example: show a specific message for the category with the highest score. With the outcome message, you can also show the different categories, ranked by score.


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