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    US Army CH 34 Ugly Christmas Sweater

    US Army CH 34 Ugly Christmas Sweater

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    US Army CH 34 Ugly Christmas Sweater

    My wife and I are also planning to drive the Dalton Highway, the northernmost highway on earth, which runs from US Army CH 34 Ugly Christmas Sweater, Alaska to the Arctic Ocean. Again, we plan to do a photo series of the journey. Might even put up an Instagram of the trip. The podcast I started with my wife and my co-author is doing well. We have episodes recorded through February, and we’ve started interviewing a bunch of people. We have some really interesting stuff planned; stay tuned!Now that I have control of the patent for the sensor-equipped strapon I invented, I am already working on a new prototype way more sophisticated than the ones I’ve already built. I have a new Web project in the works, which I’m not quite ready to talk about yet but I’m really excited about.
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    One of US Army CH 34 Ugly Christmas Sweater is by the Transiberian Orchestera as described in Wikipedia: Late one Christmas night in spring 1827, Ludwig van Beethoven has completed his masterpiece, his Tenth Symphony (which in reality, was never completed). Just as this work is finished, Fate and her deformed son Twist (as in ‘Twist of Fate’) arrive in his home and inform the composer of what he had expected for a long while: that this night was the night of his death. After this explanation, the Devil arrives to claim Beethoven’s soul. He offers the composer a deal; Mephistopheles will allow Beethoven to keep his soul if he may erase the memory of Beethoven’s works from all mankind. Beethoven is given one hour to consider and Mephistopheles leaves the room.

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    Glioblastoma (GBM). GBM is the most US Army CH 34 Ugly Christmas Sweater and most aggressive brain cancer. It’s highly invasive, which makes complete surgical removal impossible. And because of the blood-brain barrier (BBB), it doesn’t respond to any chemotherapy. The standard-of-care entails multiple rounds of surgery and radiotherapy, yet the five year survival is lower than 5%. Pancreatic cancer (PDAC). PDAC is a notoriously stubborn cancer. The only effective treatment is a very painful and very complex operation called “the Whipple procedure”. However, only 20% of patients are eligible for such operation. And even for those lucky patients, only 20% survived more than five years. For the rest majority of patients, the chance of survival is negligible, because PDAC hardly responds to any form of chemotherapy or radiotherapy. The five year survival overall is 6%.
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    IMHO I have no issue with holiday displays but in the United States of America we have specific rules that forbid “law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the US Army CH 34 Ugly Christmas Sweater exercise thereof”. If the display does not favor any one religion over another then it is perfectly acceptable to display it even by governmental offices IMHO. The worlds religous make-up according to the 2012 World Factbook… Christians (28%) Muslims (22%) Hindus (15%) Buddhists (8.5%) Non-religious (12%) By including equally sizing and prominent displays to these religions (and non religion) you could easily accommodate 85% of humanity. It would also be very easy to add a collection of smaller items from the 10 next smaller religions. The above is the only way I can see justifying such a display on public spaces or government property.


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